Brooke Lawson

Brooke Lawson, 23



Describe your artform: My artform of Photography is about helping people see their own beauty and being able to treasure precious moments.

How did you get started? I started back in high school, I'd always loved taking photographs but enrolled in one of the photography classes and stuck with it until I finished school.

What inspires you? Well there are many things that inspire me but I feel the better question would be who inspires me, that's easier to answer. I have many inspirational people in my life, from my parents to my soon to be husband, to my photography mentor and even more to the person who ran this amazing programme called "The Generator" to get me to where I am today. Without these people, I wouldn't be the person I am today or be where I am in life.

Which other artists/creators in your field do you like: I like so many, all creatives in my field do such a great job but there are 2 in particular that come to mind. These would be Cactus Photography (Gino Demeer) & Chris Turner Photographer. Both have totally different styles and work in different fields but make what they do look so easy!

What is your connection to The Corner/Papakura: I have lived in Papakura all my life, I grew up here and went to the local schools but as of late, my connection to the corner is through 2 different routes, 1 being through the Aranga Project which was hosted through the creative souls project and then the second one through "The Generator" hosted by the amazing Matt Stenton. The Generator has helped me understand the business world and more about myself.

What are your hopes and dreams for your art life: My dream is that I will have my very own, very successful photography business to be able to help my clients feel amazing. For me, my art form is about making the people I work with feel the best they can and giving them moments to treasure.

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