Neeka Coe


Neeka Coe is a makeup artist located in Manurewa, South Auckland. Connected to The Corner through the Creative Souls Project, Coe provided makeup services for the 2017 Aranga Exhibition in Papakura. By day she is a real estate agent, in between selling and renting out homes, she practises makeup artistry to keep her passion alive.

Inspired by a girl in her year 13 Art History Class, she noticed the confidence that came with wearing makeup. Never having touched makeup before, Coe sought out to learn more about the art form, practising on herself before moving on to her cousins and brothers. Coe is driven by the happiness that she brings to her clients, every time someone walks away happy it’s a highlight.

Coe was recently seen at The Corner donating her time and skills to students attending their high school ball. Students were able to get their makeup done for free thanks to the generosity of Neeka Coe.


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