Juneen Borkent

Special effects makeup artist


Hi, my name is Juneen Borkent,

I am 42 years young.
What is my art? My art... I love special effects makeup - creating characters/monsters/clowns/and trauma... I use a lot of colours and techniques that are different from what you would consider to be normal. I first started spfx makeup in the comfort of my own home and for Halloween parties etc.

I've always been inspired by artists such as Thomas Suprenant, Vi Neil, Tom Savini who are all such amazing makeup artists.

I now work at Spookers (spookers haunted attraction) which allows me to practice spfx makeup regularly. Working there also gives me a chance to work with young up and coming talent.  I have been blessed with being able to mentor and help a lot of young teenagers at work with makeup tips, acting and general all round help; not just with work related issues but any personal challenges they may be facing in the outside world. Because of the relationships I have built with everyone, I have earned the name "mum" to so many which is humbling for me.

In the future I hope to learn about making my own prosthetics using foam latex and silicone and also be able to work in film/tv.  My beautiful friend Jaack Black introduced me to the Corner. I'd love to be able use the space available to practice more and also teach beginners the basics.

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