Richard Kennedy-Walker

Photographer, Digital artist, Visual artist & a lover of the song & music 


Papakura, Born & raised.

20 Years old

Photography has always been a passion of Richard's but he didn't pursue it as a subject at school. Taking music from year 9 right the way through high school. In year 10,  a teacher noticed him drawing on the desk and suggested he take visual art the following year. 


Richard is influenced by the creativity that runs in the family; artists, musicians, vocalists, carvers and stone cutters. 


Although he is still building and finding himself as an artist, he recently sold a painting titled 'Matakoose' which has been a stepping stone towards progressing and learning as an artist.


Richard wants to help others less fortunate, bring awareness about religion, work in third world countries to help create a better world and become a peace-maker.


You can find Richard on his social media

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