Phoenix Peter Pule’anga

Hello, my name is Phoenix Peter Pule’anga,

I am 21 years of age.

My medium/creative field is Dance, Theatre, film etc.. I started dancing in a crew from the streets of Otara at the age of 11 - which evolved to Dziah, to present with prestige dance crew which is who I dance with now.

Who inspires me? People with truth and empathy/perspective.

I Respect Artist like Donald Glover, Dave Chapelle and Jim Carry. In terms of dancers I look up to Keone Madrid, Sean Bankhead, Tony Tzar and the prestige leaders - Allister Salaivao & Jesse Elliot.

By chance I attended Papakura High School and realised its parallel energy to Otara! Does my family support what I do? Yes my family definitely supported anything we did and will always.

I just know they’re weary of the nz arts not being something sustainable - but who else will make it possible?

My hopes and dreams for the future is to impact as many souls to create their own content with love & integrity. Period!

If you want to find Phoenex on social media:


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