Patrick Snell

Kiaora I am Patrick Snell

I am 16 years of age. I currently attend Papakura High School this is my 3rd year of High school.

Talk to us about your spoken word?

My spoken word is based around the stereotypes of what people tend to think of Maori, my main focus was to change that entirely. Change the way people think of Maori. Shutting down thoughts, labels and assumptions and also hoping to make a difference in iwi Maori (Maori people) letting them know that our culture is dying and slowly losing our identity as Maori people. So in order for me to change that is to help inspire and plant a sense in them as Maori that it ain't about being in gangs, it ain't about stealing and committing aggravated robberies, it ain’t about committing crimes that for some reason makes you feel better. So i'm hoping a future for our people that will benefit young rangatahi and biggest hopes that it will benefit families as they suffer from broken relationships or even lack of communication. But my whole main focus and kaupapa around my spoken word was to speak on behalf of iwi Maori as we don’t have much of a voice that can’t be heard just change the whole mindset around the thoughts of iwi Maori and also give them an insight of a Maori.

I look up to my culture because personally I feel as if it's been abused for so long and this it’s no acceptable. I also look up to my family and friends because their the ones helping me move forward and making everything I wanna achieve possible.

When I perform my spoken word I build up my anger only because people make one story become the only story, defining one persons act as everyone's but not just because they are untrue, but they are incomplete. I feel like my culture as been stood on and thrown under the bus by those who do not care but I also feel faithful and hopeful only because I am worthy enough to make a change in today's system.

People who think so little about iwi Maori and the lack of opportunities they give iwi Maori and Te Karauna (The government).

They are super proud of my achievements over the past year or so and what I am doing to make a difference in other people's lives as we speak today.

I also have a passion for Kapa Haka/ Haka theater e.g Contempt dancing, Maori movement, etc.../ and also Drama/acting

‘’E hara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takimano!! My strength is not that of an individual but that of a collective’’. So what that means is I can’t make our culture move forward if people tend to take the wrong turns so in order for me to make that happen is to get everyone on board. As a young Maori boy with experience of going through the stage of stereotypes and just being completely shut out. So it would be good for as much Maori people can jump on board to change the thoughts of iwi Maori.

Just shout out to those who strongly support me on this kaupapa and my journey ahead of me.

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