Daedae Tekoronga-Waka

Kia orana my name is Daedae Tekoronga-Waka, I am 22 years old.

I am an actor/ dancer/ singer/ writer/ Director and producer. I’ve worked with Fresh Tv in a couple of their skits and had the lead role in a few theatre shows, but nothing major like Shortland Street.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, a lot of my work requires some sort of performance art, whether it be in a theatre or site-specific place. Apart from performing, I also write scripts aimed at the LGBT community to provide a pathway so that they can feel like they too can succeed in the Performing Arts Industry.

At first, performing arts wasn’t on the cards for me as a career. Although I had a passion for the arts in high school. After dropping out of school, Business Administration seemed like my calling. The course where I was studying my Certificate in Business and Admin also offered a course in Radio, which I took. There, I found the want to become an actor, and my passion for the arts started to evolve. So from there, I did my Certificate in Performing Arts, which led me to the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts. There I really honed in on my skills and found that my reason for getting into the arts was to finally have a platform to express myself and tell my stories, in the hopes that I can help open those same doors for others, that were opened for me.

I look up to people such as Victor Rodgers Or Taiaroa Royal. Pretty much anyone that I have come across who are helping pave the way for LGBT. As Well as my tutors and those who have helped me upskill along the way.

There are good and bad things in this industry, some things that even test you as a person, but so far it has all been great. I’ve met so many great people and have made so many great connections that, considering where I’m at currently, I would say I am very very lucky to be blessed with. The opportunities I've been given have taken some experienced actors a long time to get.

Hmm what inspires me? I guess what inspires me the most is the lack of LGBT stories, there are so many coming out stories that I’m like 'we’ve seen and heard all of this before'. There needs to be something new, something vibrant, and I feel that’s what keeps me striving.

My connection to The Corner: I’ve worked with Deahne previously, and I’m really good friends with the manager, Jaack Black.

What's my dream? Ultimately it’s just to be successful, whether it be me putting on one show or one hundred. Just feeling satisfied with everything I do would be my hope. But as an Artist, that is really hard to do, because you're constantly critiquing yourself.

What is an inspirational quote I live by every day? From the words of the legendary mother herself “If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else” and "Be True Be You Be Unique"

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