April Reid

My name is April Reid, and I'm 21.
I play the piano and the violin. I started learning the piano at 10 years old, after learning recorder for about 2 years. I picked up the violin at age 15. I enjoy playing many styles of music, but especially enjoy 20th century piano works by composers such as Christopher Norton and Anthony Ritchie. On the violin I enjoy playing classical works such as those by Mozart and Bach.

I get inspired when I make progress on a new technique, but my greatest inspiration comes when I witness my music students rise to a new level of musicality and playing. I love seeing them rise beyond what they thought they were capable of, and I hope I can continue encouraging kids to realise how much unlimited potential they have!

I am connected to The Corner through my friend and fellow musician Bonnie Schäche.

In the future, I would love to take my piano and violin skills to a higher level, and I’d love to explore singing and drums.

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