Jayden Schell

Hi all! My name is Jayden Schell and I am 20 years old.

At Spookers I'm known as "Nugget". That name came from when I was younger and my dad called me that. (still does) When I joined the Spookers family I decided to use it as my name!

My creative field runs wild, ranging from sfx makeup, costume design and character design, also on the side I do graphic design and digital art.

I've been at Spookers for about a year now, and I've learned a lot about sfx makeup and still have heaps to learn, but I've really been trying to develop new looks and interesting characters.
Nugget the Clown is all based on being cute, kinda lovable but with this sense of unpredictability. His moods will change instantly and acts thick but is incredibly smart, he has a great sense of humor and very quick witted. He hates being offended, but mostly, he sees all people as prey, He enjoys to season his meat by striking fear into them giving them constant paranoia. His makeup involves a skull across the mouth with a line through each eye, I especially like to wear my full black sclera contacts to really make the makeup pop.
In summary, I like to break down the character in levels to really flesh them out and make them have full personalities.

I got into it through my best friend Jessy, on Saint Patrick's day 2017 when we went through Spookers together and we knew this is a place we wanted to work at. It took me 3 auditions to get in and I'm proud I am part of the Spookers family!

What inspires you to do what you do?
Honestly, it can be anything. I could be sitting on the toilet and come up with a new idea I want to try. But in all honesty it would have to be my peers, they all come up with ideas that I think one day I want to try something like that or I really love the look that someone has, and I'll put my spin on it.

My family at Spookers are really inspiring, they all bring something new to the table that makes me want to better my works. Kavity the Clown is a big one, how he has developed his character.

I've know Jaack for a large portion of my life, ever since primary school at Kelvin road school, and again in high school at Papakura high school I've seen him become who he is today and see him as somewhat of a role model perfect for The Corner. No matter what I will always back community things like The Corner. Papakura needs it. There is a lot of potential with our youth here and I'm glad to see something being done about it. Having grown up here I've come to realize that this place is just misunderstood, and we have some really talented people in our town. The Corner is the perfect place for people to be themselves.

I hope to one day own my own costume business and really be into the cosplay game! It's so much fun and I get to let my creative vibes flow everyday!

Something I value a lot is to never let people judge you, be you. And also to be kind. Do good, die great. Don't act nice for the sake of being nice, be it.

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