Raquel Foster-Te Anau

Kia Ora,

I te taha o toku Pāpā,
No Ngāti Karewa, Ngāti Tahinga
I te taha o toku Māmā,
No Ngāti Tipa, Ngāti Amaru
No Waikato ahau

Raquel Foster-Te Anau
I am 21 years and specialise in Dance/Creative Writing

Everyone has that trigger, that lightbulb that sets you off out of nowhere. My inspiration comes from words that are spoken or that stand out from a paragraph, it feeds so many ideas that from one simple word here, can create an entire show there. It’s balance of both mentality and physical approaching each other in ways some thought was impossible. Being able to perform is like entering another universe, becoming another soul and developing more skills within yourself and body then what you gain in general. It helps you voice certain things that are difficult to voice vocally, it shows your most vulnerable side yet you’re still portraying your strength, wisdom and true to yourself type of side. Performing gives you the keys to many doors, whether it be in theatre, singing, on screen or even just performing a simple poem/spoken word. I wanted to become a performer since I was 9 years old, and that I am and always will be. I must say, without all the challenges and barriers that were placed in front of me I still found a way around it and still held on tight to what I always envisioned. Without them, I wouldn’t have been the creative artist I am today.

I started dancing at the age of 9 practising in the dance style Hip Hop, become a member of Groovit Dance School based here in Pukekohe. First taste of dance and fell in love since, however, all pathways get mixed up and somehow you have to find another avenue to keep your wairua there for the love and passion of what you desire. I had the chance to evaluate my choices, decision making, and where or how I was going to make things happen for me, and how I was going to benefit from it. From dancing between workshops, weekly classes and random outburst of movement and more, I became more accurate in what I really wanted to do with myself and my creativity. That’s where my creative writing became more frequent and added more flavour to how I create items/projects. Through my practices, I’ve also had experience since birth with Māori performing arts - Kapa Haka. Been performing since I can remember, it enriches me with knowledge about tikanga, wisdom and strength for my tapawha - Wairua (spirit), Hinengaro (mind), Tinana (body) and Whānau (family). It plays a big roll in my life, and I will always be a proud Māori.

What do I do?
I create items that not only benefit me and my development but my surroundings, my whānau, friends, even my community - our Rangatahi to thrive in excellence and experience, whether that be through dance or creative writing. To help develop a safe environment for the next generation to come. If I succeed in that, my heart will be full and I’ll definitely keep thriving to rebirth the energy one use to own with strength and mindsets. The experience so far has been by far the best, everyone hits rock bottom but it’s how you choose to get back up, I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve got, show the industry what I’ve got coming.

Who inspired me to become the artist I am today?
All in honesty, I don’t have any specific artist that inspires me to keep going or to help build myself. I love all artist equally and the mahi they portray and create. I’ve never had a favorite, all artist I take note in how they deal with uncomfortable positions or how they get their bodies to move, think, lead, etc... even with creative writers, is the same everyone is different and unique in their own ways, hence why I can’t just choose specifically. However, like all artist there’s always that main support beside you, that help, guide and nourish you in every way they can... toku Māmā me Pāpā, my Mum and Dad, they’ve been my side liners, cheerleaders and coaches all in one since I started from the get go. Without them I wouldn’t have had such big dreams that I’m determined to accomplish.

I’ve recently just started rehearsing at The Corner Creative Space this year and I can’t explain the vibe within those walls. Especially with helping me flourish my goals and dreams within your guys presence, I couldn’t have asked for a safer space to unleash my ideas and full aura then this space. The creativity that flows through the floors, walls even the workers are beyond my own experience. Been apart of a few gigs that they’ve held - Haka in the Square and entertainment at one of the local paintings.

If you’re one who is scared of ‘what if, buts or maybes’ DON’T BE, go out and find your creativity, build on it or showcase it. There’s never too much space for more creative artist, it’s an element that can take you places - even places where your soul and mind can go. Everyone deserves to show the world what they’re made of, it’s just up to you whether or not you want to go the extra mile for it.

“Without a thought, there is no mind. Without a heart, there is no body. Without a purpose, there is no doubt.” ~ Raquel F.T

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