Marangai Nissen


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

My name is Marangai which translates as storm. I feel I am the epitome of my name as I can be both calm, and extreme which is usually portrayed in my art. I am an aspiring artist trying to transform my visions and translate my emotions into art. 

Marangai Nissen 2016

What is it about this piece that captivates you?

What particularly stands out for me in this piece is the vibrancy. It was the first time I'd done any work like it and for me it shows exactly how I was feeling at the time. That connects me to the piece and captivates me.


Does this piece hold any significance to you personally? Does it represent anything for you?

This piece is significant to me because it represents starting and trying something new and keeping my creativity and colour alive. This piece represents a very transitional time in my life where I needed to stay positive and uplifted, it helped me to realign and remain centred through art and colour.


What is it about this piece that makes it different from your other work?

This piece is different because it was a new venture - something I hadn't done before . It is covered in mixed media and was used for me as a stepping stone to trusting and bettering myself. My work changes often because I use how I feel at the time to get my message across.


How does this piece influence other works that you do? Do you find hints of this artwork showing through in other pieces you do?

This piece definitely influences my use of colour and pattern. I am a lot more comfortable using vibrant colours that pop (like pop art) which I'm interested in now and I'm not afraid to use pattern. I use a lot more metallics now thanks to these pieces and I love the effect.

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