Candy Schache

Tell us a bit about yourself & your work.

Hi, my name is Candy Schache, and I’m 16 years old. I was raised in a homeschooling family with the freedom to do whatever art I felt like. I really enjoy reading & writing, as well as making and listening to music! Art’s basically been a passion of mine by nature. Always doodling & creating something new and beautiful and delicate. My art tends to be a lot of pencil sketches & I often add color with Faber-Castell coloring pencils.

Aura, 2018, Candy Schache


What is it about this piece that captures your fancy? Any particular aspect that really stands out to you?

One of the things I love about this piece is that I managed to draw the head and shoulders with accurate proportions without a referance, which is something I’ve struggled with in the past. I also love how peaceful it is. This one is actually part of a series of drawings. It’s the first out of three. I picked this one because I was the most pleased with it over the others.

Does this piece hold any significance to you personally? Does it represent anything for you?

I had no idea what I was going to draw, & ended up with this! There’s no real meaning behind it, I just enjoy creating new pieces of art!

How does this piece influence other works that you do? Do you find hints of it showing up in other pieces you’ve done since?

Well, I did create two others in the same soft style after this one, and they have a lot in common. I used very light pencil strokes on all of them.

If you want to find Candy on social media, here's a link to her Instagram!


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