Zoe Groot

Tell us a bit about yourself & your work

I'm 20, a vet nurse, and I love doing art on the side. I'm an everything artist, I love working in all mediums. Mostly watercolour and gouache, but I do love working with oils too. I've mainly focussed on pet portraits the past few years. This piece, although not a very good photo, was the first pet portrait I did, and is still my favourite portrait.

Zoe Groot

Why/how did you get into creating this kind of art?

But anyway. This piece was the first time I was ever paid to do art, it is such an amazing feeling when people are willing to give you money for something you've worked so long and hard for, but never expected anything from. Watercolour is so minimal and so fun to work with, being able to change textures and colours with a lot of ease but still being able to produce beautiful works.


What is it about this piece that makes it different to others you’ve made before?

I'd never really worked with watercolour before starting these pet portraits, I'd only worked with oils and acrylic and its become my favourite medium to work with by far. And this piece made me fall in love with watercolour.


How does this piece influence other works that you do? Do you find hints of it showing up in other pieces you’ve done since?

Uhh, I don't really know what to say for this one, it made me paint more dogs for that sweet cash.

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