Tell us a bit about yourself & your work

Yooo what's good, my name is TEECH, Stands for Teech Ya'self. I'm 20 Years old and stem from the hearty South Auckland town of Papakura also know as "The K". I am very passionate about all the Arts but Visual Arts in particular captures the essence of the stories I am trying to tell through my art work.

The Faceless Face 2018

The Faceless Face 2018

What is it about this piece that captures your fancy? Any particular aspect that really stands out to you?

For this particular art piece I really love to work with different types of colours and tones to tell a visual story to breath a life of its own with every brush stroke.


Does this piece hold any significance to you personally? Does it represent anything for you?

For myself as a visual artist I love the Idea of A Faceless Face because it is so versatile and can represent a whole range of ideologies and depict current situations that are taking place around the world. Also I love it when people start to have a conversation of what this particular piece is about, and what it means and represents to them.


What is it about this piece that makes it different to others you’ve made before?

With this particular art form I have only recently started working on for about a month now, developing, designing and adding my own unique styles and can already tell that it surpasses all my other art works I've done in the past.


How does this piece influence other works that you do? Do you find hints of it showing up in other pieces you’ve done since?

With this Particular Piece it is really the concrete foundation on creating a whole range of artworks based on the ideas of the Faceless Face to express it's own self and takes the viewers on their own journeys.

You can find Teech here on his Instagram!


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