Ezra Hughes


Tell us a bit about yourself & your work.

Hello, my name is Ezra also knowns as RJ, I'm 17 and currently doing a hairdressing course in the city. My art is mainly printmaking so etching, woodprint, etc.



What is it about this piece that captures your fancy? Any particular aspect that really stands out to you?

One piece of art I have done that I love compared to every other is a Steampunk skull called death with a twist I did earlier this year


Does this piece hold any significance to you personally? Does it represent anything for you?

Just the way the detail stands out with the black and white linear and shading with the hint of gold in certain places, to me it represents the way that people could be remembered as this one is like someone being remembered for a certain job they did or the way they dressed.


What is it about this piece that makes it different to others you’ve made before?

This artwork compared to any I have done before is small but is eye-catching with the minimal amount of colour.


How does this piece influence other works that you do? Do you find hints of it showing up in other pieces you’ve done since?

This piece influenced my other works by using less colour and if colour is used making it for main things or eye-catching images.

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