Our Stories :: Kellie May

Kia ora my names Kellie, I’m 20 years old and currently working at The Corner Creative Store and Spookers. I’m from Papakura but my iwi is Ngapuhi. I’m Niuean, Cook Island and Maori.

My story starts a little like this.

I’m a part time zombie, a part time Event planner/Piece Maker and a full time mummy. My biggest passion is Photography but the downside is I haven’t progressed much in the art industry and I really think with a little hard work and dedication I could be where I want to with my art. I currently have my very first Exhibition at The Corner and super stoked to show Papakura what I have. I really believe that the Creative eye never stops if you see you must do it. Create it & Publish it.

My art work revolves around Maoridom which I find falls great for me one of my hobbies happen to be Kapahaka. I found my passion for kapahaka in school at Papakura High (Kahurangi Ki Uta) that was almost 3 years ago. I then found Ngā Mauri Taniwha Ki Uta who also has a Tourism group Taniwha Ventures (if you haven’t heard of them I suggest you look them up ASAP). I loved kapahaka more than ever not only was it a big deal for me I also made a family within the group something I really can’t replace. Unfortunately my journey did fall short with kapahaka my passion started slipping and I became more busy. I do believe I will find my passion to perform again and get back on stage with them. I still keep in contact and give my support whereever I can. My love for the group will always be there.


I can’t really define my story into a detailed two minute paragraph but I’m very blessed to be given the best. I have a lot more in store for me and my Creative journey and I hope some of you could come along with me. Oh I forgot. Hi my name is Kellie but you can call me Mavis

- Kellie

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