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Today we are looking at the amazing art of photography, with input from Tim Ashby-Peckham, Brooke Lawson, and myself!


Tim learned most of what he knows about photography in two ways:

“Getting out there and doing it and looking things up on the internet. The internet has a wealth of information and if you want know something chances are there will be a good tutorial about it online or a helpful photographer that will be happy to answer your questions. It's important to get out there and get the ball rolling. Just go out and start taking photos and you'll be surprised what you're capable of and what you can come up with. Often inspiration will come after you've started and not before. So don't be put off if you don't have anything brilliant planned to shoot in the beginning seeing your subject matter will help you with inspiration.

Have an outlet for your photography. Today in the internet age you can have an outlet for your photography at no cost. Just start up an Instagram account or Facebook page and every time you come back from your shoot you'll have somewhere for your photos to go. Use tags and you'll get your photos out there and get feedback and have an idea of how you're doing. Also a good idea is to have a look for what competitions and magazines are available to you and enter as many as you can because these can be very motivational and keen you inspired to keep getting out there and taking more photos.”

Tim has a facebook page dedicated to his photography, & you can check that out here!


Photo by bady qb on Unsplash


Here’s some insight from Brooke:

Photography is one of those interesting art forms, you can’t know what you can do before trying and you don’t know what you don’t know. Picking up a camera and just going out to shoot is beneficial to learning what you’re capable of. Until you do this, you don’t know what you will be capable of and even though your first few shots may not be what you’re looking for, don’t give up! If we all gave up straight away because we didn’t get it right first time, no one would be doing it. These days there are many different ways of getting more information too - whether it be going back to basics and talking to other people in the field, using the research books or searching the internet you can always learn so much more about photography. It never really ends. If I’m struggling with things, I’ll look for a tutorial or ask one of the many photographers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Have somewhere for your photos to go. Build your reputation, keep getting feedback and keep moving forward. In today’s world with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and many other different social media forums, you can have a purpose for your photos rather than them sitting on your SD card untouched. Use this purpose, make sure you put 1 or 2 of your favourites up to get feedback because you’ll never develop otherwise. Join some groups too, there is a few on Facebook that you can join but also look to join a physical club. While you all might be shooting the same subject matter, styles can change the way an image reads, this will help you grow because you’ll learn off sheer practice and other people. Remember, never give up. It’s not easy but nothing worth it in life is.

Head over to Brooke’s facebook page to have a look at her own work!!


In my (Bonnie’s) experience as a photographer, I’ve found that I get lots of interesting ideas for photos when I’m physically out there taking them. Just going for it is honestly the best way to start out. See how the camera reacts based on what kind of lighting you’ve got, play with your focus, mess around with settings, etc. I learned almost everything I know from just trying things out for myself, and getting into my own personal vein of photography style. It’s good to find out the basics from someone you know who has some knowledge, or a youtube video, just so you have a starting place to go from.

Something I enjoy doing, which you might as well: making a mini series or collecting a selection of your photos that you feel relate to eachother, and keeping them as little compilations. This helps to develop and differentiate between different styles & themes.

Instagram has been my outlet for photography, as you can literally post as much as you like. I put anything and everything out there. Don’t feel you can only put out photos that are to a certain standard, because that tends to mean you’ll put unnecessary pressure on yourself. No need to be hard on yourself.

If you want to take a look at some of my photography, head over to my instagram!


Many thanks to Tim Ashby-Peckham & Brooke Lawson for their valuable input.

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